Back to School Safety Reminders

The new school year has officially begun and The Woodlands Township, along with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, reminds residents to take precautions when travelling around the area.

Important Tips:

  • Expect increased traffic congestion throughout the week during morning and afternoon hours. Allow extra time to reach your destination.
  • Expect increased pedestrian and bicycle traffic coming to and from schools as well as from children loading/unloading from school buses. Be alert!
  • Discuss with your children the rules of the road if your child walks/bikes to school.
  • Do not text or utilize electronic devices while operating a motor vehicle.

The Sheriff’s Office will be monitoring traffic and strictly enforcing traffic violations in and around school zones, in areas where children are coming to and from school, and around school buses when loading and unloading.

Click here to view the official advisory from the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office.