Vacation Watch Program

The Woodlands Township Neighborhood Watch reminds residents to take advantage of the Vacation Watch program, offered in both Montgomery and Harris Counties, when traveling during the holiday season.

With the Vacation Watch program, deputies will regularly drive by your home, check doors and windows to ensure that they are secure, and investigate anything on your property that looks suspicious. Please Note: The frequency of home checks is dependent upon call volume in the area. Active calls for service will take precedent.

Sign Up for Vacation Watch Program:

Montgomery County:  Call 936-445-7797 or visit (click on Crime Prevention, then the Vacation Watch icon).

Harris County: Call 281-376-3472 or visit (click on Online Services, then Vacation Watch and choose Creekside-Woodlands from the menu).

Click here to download a Vacation Checklist to use next time you and your loved ones head out of town.

For additional resources and details on program activities, sign up for the program’s eNewsletter, The Woodlands Township Neighborhood Watch Newsletter. 


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