Hosting a National Night Out Party


  1. HAVE FUN!

  2. Meet your neighbors.

  3. Organize The Woodlands Township Neighborhood Watch on your street.

  4. Increase the sense of belonging in your neighborhood.

  5. Share crime prevention and safety information.

  6. Create a neighborhood e-mail directory.

  7. Start a tradition.

  8. Learn about your neighborhood’s history.

  9. Discover your neighbor’s hidden talents (line dancing, guitar playing, etc.)

  10. Help strength our police-community partnerships.


We know many neighborhoods have an informal get together for National Night Out and we’re glad that you are getting out and meeting your neighbors; taking the first step in crime prevention!

Even if it’s a small party, please remember to select “No supplies needed” or “No public safety visit needed” on your registration form so we can keep track of who’s participating.

For more information about National Night Out call 281-210-3800 or click here!

One thought on “Hosting a National Night Out Party

  1. Hi, this is Johanne Stanley from College Park Village. At our recent monthly meeting we discussed the new date of National Night Out and how hot it is then. We understand the daylight being longer but we did discuss maybe having our big party at Harpers Landing park at a different date. We will contact you as soon as discussed and decided. Thank you


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