Prevent Motor Vehicle Burglary…


Over the last two months, The Woodlands Township has seen an increase in Burglary of Motor Vehicle (BMV). The increase has occurred throughout the community, both during the day and nighttime hours. Both the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, District 6, and Harris County Constable, Precinct 4, have increased patrol efforts in vulnerable areas.  The Woodlands Township Neighborhood Watch reminds residents to remain vigilant throughout the year, in particular during the upcoming holiday season.


Targeted Areas   Areas targeted are typically where the criminal element believes you may be away from your vehicle for a while and may also be leaving valuables in your vehicle. Residents are reminded to always remove valuables from vehicles and lock vehicle doors. Many of the Burglary Motor Vehicle occurred in the Town Center (Zone 8 – TC), it is important that you practice crime prevention efforts whether at home or while shopping

Prevention The good news is that Burglary of Motor Vehicle can be prevented. Take away the opportunity by following these safety precautions:


To report suspicious activity, please call Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office at 936-442-7797 or Harris County Constable’s Office Precinct 4 at 281-376-3472.

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