Business Watch: Keeping an Eye on Crime

Ready for Emergency blog.png

All neighborhoods throughout The Woodlands are important to The Woodlands Township Neighborhood Watch. Crime prevention initiatives are tailored to meet the needs at businesses, commercial properties or offices.

Learning about local law enforcement, crime prevention and services provided is important to all neighborhoods, including businesses. Each business (or property) is unique and crime prevention initiatives typically should be addressed on an individual basis. However, the basics are readily available to you and your business, such as public safety reference cards and No Solicitor stickers.

Several crime prevention opportunities are available to create a partnership between businesses and the law enforcement agencies that serve The Woodlands. Presentations can be 30 minutes to an hour and a half depending on the topic. 



Be sure to read the full article, Crime Prevention Programming for the Business Community, on page 28 of The Woodlands Community Magazine.

To schedule a crime prevention presentation for your business, please call The Woodlands Township Neighborhood Watch at 281-210-3472.

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