Join The Woodlands Township Neighborhood Watch

The Woodlands Township Neighborhood Watch is dedicated to creating a sense of community and a safe community through education and partnerships with Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, Harris County Constable’s Office, Precinct 4, The Woodlands Fire Department, other public safety agencies and you!

You and your neighbors play an important role in community policing efforts. Join The Woodlands Township Neighborhood Watch and take a stand against crime in the community.

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Become educated. In collaboration with local law enforcement and other public safety entities, there are a variety of ways to establish a Neighborhood Watch program in your neighborhood.

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Through the Neighborhood Watch, residents learn how to make their homes more secure, watch out for each other and the neighborhood, and report activity that raises suspicions to law enforcement. Through the Neighborhood Watch, you and your neighbors take an active role in community policing.

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Be alert. An alert neighbor knows who lives in the neighborhood and can recognize strangers, observes any unusual activity (or suspicious activity) in the neighborhood and calls it in to law enforcement immediately.

From safety meetings to National Night Out and the Community Safety Expo, The Woodlands Township Neighborhood Watch offers a wide variety of award-winning crime prevention programming to all neighborhoods in The Woodlands.

Learn more about how The Woodlands Township Neighborhood Watch educates and celebrates in the community on Page 24 in the March edition of The Woodlands Township Community Magazine.

To learn more, visit The Woodlands Township Neighborhood Watch webpage, call 281-210-3800 or email staff.