Law Enforcement in The Woodlands

Mike Evans and Lt. Swilling

Whether you’re a newcomer to The Woodlands Township or you’ve been here awhile, questions always arise regarding the various law enforcement agencies that serve our community.

While many agencies provide services within our boundaries, The Woodlands Township provides enhanced law enforcement services through two primary providers: the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office and Harris County Constable’s Office, Precinct 4.

Law Enforcement in Montgomery County

In the Montgomery County portion of The Woodlands, the Township is a single law enforcement district, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, The Woodlands Twonship Patrol. A captain is assigned to manage the district and the Township contracts for enhanced services that include: patrol, traffic, crime reduction, crime prevention and detention divisions. Community policing zones include seven residential zones and one tourism-oriented business zone in Town Center.

Base level services are provided through the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office and funded by the county tax levy, such as SWAT, dispatch, K9, auto theft task force, identification-crime lab, sex offender division, gang unit, emergency operations, recruitment, training and a jail facility.

Law Enforcement in Harris County

In the Harris County portion of The Woodlands (Village of Creekside Park), The Woodlands Township contracts for patrol services with the Harris County Constable’s Office, Precinct 4, they also practice a community policing and zone philosophy.

Other Law Enforcement Agencies that Serve The Woodlands include:

  • Montgomery County Constable’s Office, Precinct 3
    • Internet Crimes Investigator**
    • Safe Harbor Investigator**
  • Texas Department of Public Safety
    • Highway Patrol Division
    • Texas Rangers
    • Emergency Preparedness
  • Texas Department of Wildlife 
    • Game Warden
  • School District Police Agencies
    • Conroe Independent School District Police
    • Other School Districts (Magnolia/Tomball) may provide law enforcement services through assignment from another agency.
  • Other Local, State and Federal Agencies (i.e. FBI, TABC)

**Indicates funding provided through The Woodlands Township. 

Peace Officers

Even though these agencies may have different names or titles, all agencies employ peace officers (deputy, deputy constable, patrolman, police officer, peace officer) and all peace officers require a minimum training through the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement.

All peace officers in Texas, whether sheriff, city police, state troopers, constables, marshals, have statewide arrest powers for any criminal offense committed within their presence or view.

To learn more about law enforcement services in The Woodlands, email The Woodlands Township Neighborhood Watch or call 281-210-3800.